"I choose a block of stone and chop off what ever I don't need."

Auguste Rodin.

A traditional reductive sculpting technique you will learn how to hand cut, shape, sand and polish soapstone without the use of power tools.

Choose from a selection of irregular 4lb. pieces of stone. Robert will support and guide your first few tentative steps into the stone and what desires to be released. Initial guidelines for cutting and shaping will be marked on the stone with a grease pencil. Bow saw and wood rasp will be used to rough cut your sculpture and begin shaping the form.

Day two the vision for your carving will be holding you captive demanding completion. Detail and refinement of form will be accomplished using hand held riffler rasps and palm held wood chisels. Before fine sanding and polishing begins all unwanted chisel and rasp marks will be erased using drywall screen. Fine sanding begins with a 320 extra fine grit wet/dry silicon carbide sandpaper progressing to a 400 super fine grit then finishing with a 600 ultra fine grit paper. At this point your completed carving will be placed in a 350 degree oven for 5-10 minutes at which time it will be taken out and applied with bee’s wax to it’s surface. The wax will melt instantly upon contact revealing all the rich colours and nuances in the stone. Thoroughly cooled a protective spray will be applied and you will complete polishing with a clean soft cloth.

This two night all inclusive package is​ $650.00 & GST for up to two people and includes:

*one 4-5 pound piece of soapstone per person.

*use of all tools and equipment required to carve.

* 6 hours of direct time, support, guidance, and instruction from Robert Christiani our Artist in Residence during the two night stay.​

* two nights stay in our authentic Mongolian yurt for up to 2 guests.

* 6 home cooked meals (2 suppers, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts) Ethnic or Traditional.

*Snacks and refreshments.

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two day RETREAT

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Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story.”

Marty Robbins

The technique of face casting using plaster bandage will be taught. You will experience receiving the casting process (preparation, application and release) onto your face and then giving the experience to another. This creates your personal foundation mask upon which everything else is sculpted. At the completion of this first process you will have time to rough sketch design ideas for modeling features, painting and attaching found objects.

You will experience creative play as you build upon your foundation mask. Plaster of Paris and drywall compound as a smoothing agent and as sculpting clay will be introduced. Fresco painting, the colour wheel will be explained and techniques for attaching found objects will be added to your creative box of play toys.

 ​ This two night all inclusive package is $650.00 + GST for up to two people and includes:

*Gypsona Plaster bandage, paint, pencils, sketch paper, adhesives, etc. needed to create mask.

*6 hours direct time with Robert our Artist in Residence for instruction and support of the mask making and mask building process during the two night stay.

*Two night stay in our authentic Mongolian yurt for up to two guests.

* 6 home cooked meals (2 suppers, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts) Ethnic or traditional.

*Snacks and refreshments.