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​​Not enough time for an over night stay? Come to Journey Home for a day trip and enjoy tea room or experience some of our energy sessions

Robert & sherry

How wonderful to meet you again for the first time. From the centre of my being - thank you for a magical time- feeding and nurturing body, mind and spirit - Blessed be Susan.

custom retreats

disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself!

Come out to Journey Home Creative Healing Retreat and recharge your personal batteries. Whether it is a solo retreat, a couples retreat, or a friend retreat. Come out and let Sherry and Robert create an atmosphere that will help you to reconnect with you!

Sherry Lynn & Robert Christiani 
welcome you!

 Waldersee Manitoba, 2 hours from Winnipeg, and 40 minutes from Riding Mountain National Park.
Overlooking a quarter mile of the Big Grass River.

Whether you would like to learn to stone carve, cook or create, Journey Home can create a retreat that is perfect for you! Cooking, and healing retreats are accessed under Creative Recovery Retreat heading

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Those that have discovered Journey Home


"​Sherry and Robert. For your kindness, hospitality.. I thank you. For your amazing food...I thank you. For the uniqueness of your spaces & your persons... I thank you. For your art and your pets and your love."​

"Imagine a journey to the middle of no where that puts you in the centre of everything, especially yourself."

Come to Waldersee Manitoba

  • Health and wellness retreat
  • Creative Recovery retreat
  • Foodie retreats
  • Art retreats
  • Shamanic healing

Disconnect to reconnect