Sherry Lynn & Robert Christiani 

"Welcomes you to come to the middle of nowhere, that puts you in the centre of everything!"

Experience Journey Home Creative Healing Retreat and recharge your personal batteries. Whether it is a solo retreat, a couples retreat, or a small group retreat. Come out and let Sherry and Robert create an environment that will help you to reconnect with you!

* Journey Home only books one group at a time, whether that is a single person or a small group of people you will be the only guests here during your stay.

* Before your all inclusive stay you will be asked what countries you like to eat from, through consultation with Sherry your meals will then be planned and you will be sent your menu for your time with us. 

* You will be sent a welcome letter giving you an outline of your stay and important information about what will happen during your time at Journey Home.

​​ Waldersee Manitoba

"A welcome escape from glaring city lights."  
2 hours from Winnipeg, and 40 minutes from the East Gate of Riding Mountain National Park.
Overlooking a quarter mile of the Big Grass River.

* Attention: Despite the inflationary costs of living this year, ​we have ​NOT raised our prices.

Box 3 Waldersee Manitoba R0J 2G0

Phone: +1.204-352-4096


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Disconnect to reconnect



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​​Four Winds Converge At Journey Home Creative Healing Retreat!

​​Down The Creek And Around The Bend At Journey Home Creative Healing Retreat!


* All Inclusive = accommodation and meals

One Night Retreat Stays

  • Health and Wellness 

Two Night Retreat Stays

  • Creative Recovery 
  • Foodie Experiences
  • Soapstone Carving 
  • Face Casting / Mask Making 
  • Basic Skills of Drawing 
  • Basic Skills of Sculpting 

Six Night Retreat Stay

  • Customized Creativity / Artist Experience 

Traditional B&B Stay 

  • Basic all inclusive stay

Possible Add On Experiences

  • ​​​Drumming
  • Shamanic Illumination 
  • Shamanic Decoupling 
  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Access Consciousness Bars​​