OMG! What an experience! Glenna Evans

Wonderful location, warm house, interesting people & Lovely meals. Thank you so much! M.K

Will definitely be telling friends about our experience. Brady & Sarah

Robert has been informative and patient and I look forward to exploring more drawing techniques. B&S

I am absolutely thrilled with our experience over this weekend.. Thank you Robert for showing us our hidden artist talent... Rachelle and Steven

.....You gave me so much more than I imagined. A journey home to myself. you reminded me that it's ok to put me and my needs above all else, and reminded me that self love is a worthy practice... Lynne Roy

Wow! Where do we start! What a wonderful, relaxing, energizing, creative, awe-inspiring and truly enriching few days!

Pam and Bruce 

Thanks for holding space for me as I choose to go deeper into my healing journey.. Lorraine

​I would not of been able to achieve as much focused writing as I did without your help.. Katherine

... as always my stay here has been magical! Judy

Thank you for your hospitality and warmth. Your spirit and kindness will follow us on our journey. Our stay here with you far surpassed anything we thought we would experience here. Thank you for the interesting and engaging conversations, the beautiful evening walk, the peace in your hammock, the impromtu music lesson, the amazing food, and most of all the company from you both. Natasha

Not to reiterate but everything she wrote. Thank you for your conversation & hospitality. Thank you for the time you were gracious to give to our son. You two are wonderful people. Robbie

"Sherry and Robert- Thank you so much for the wonderful hospitality (again)! I always feel so much more grounded and optimistic about life and the world. Chopping wood and being in nature brings me back to my roots. the great food doesn't hurt either. Always looking forward to the next visit." Donna

What an awesome experience! We feel so relaxed and at peace, lighter and filled with calm energy. what an amazing way to start our married lives together. Sincerest gratitude to Sherry and Robert for everything: hospitality, food, insights and shared conversations.

Kelly and Jessica

"I couldn't imagine a nicer way to spend my birthday weekend! the Greek "birthday " dinner was a particular highlight. (as were all of the other terrific meals and baked goods!) Absolutely loved the Mongolian yurt - cozy, warm and dry through the big storm! You've done a superb job making your home (+ lifestyle?!) a welcoming place for guests! thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and great company! Can't wait to come back soon!"     Taylor & Pete

"Sherry and Robert. For your kindness, hospitality.. I thank you. For your amazing food...I thank you. For the uniqueness of your spaces & your persons... I thank you. For your art and your pets and your love.... I thank you!" Krista

:Sherry & Robert, cat pride and "the Boys" Places for reflection, generosity, sensitivity, humour, healing, space, kindness, nourishing food, meaningful conversations. Thank you for providing and holding space for us." With gratitude Joy.

"Sherry and Robert you are both gifted at holding space. Thank you for offering your gifts so that our little team could do the work we need to do to teach others around the world how to hold space. The food, the land, the cats, the yurts, the river, and you are all part of the container we needed." Heather

"To the ones who found home in themselves, in one another and on the land, Sherry & Robert, thank you for caring for us, holding space for us, so we may hold space and teach others for the betterment of humanity. You are part of our journey." Miigwitche Susan


"Thank you so much for your hospitality! Spending quality time with you was so (much) relaxing. Thank you for sharing and listening at a time in my life that I will never forget." Irene
"Thank you Robert and Sherry. My stay has been amazing! I am forever grateful for the memories I have made here. the wonderful food I was blessed to have, and the beautiful spiritual awakening and expansion I experienced. Yo have graced my heart and you are part of the family. May you be blessed with only the best energy and happiness, until I see you again." Kalyca

"My new extended family.... I have to than the Spirits for bringing us together. Your energy, love and great joy of life, your wisdom, beautiful hearts and souls tha I will always cherish and remember always. the friendship, hospitality (spoiled) and energy you bestowed are just what I needed. Kitchi Miigwetch over and over. thanks for everything and more. Looking forward to having you on the farm and coming back." Candace.

"Thank you for believing in your own dream and your own path that you are in turn able to share with the strangers that leave as family." C.T


​"Sherry and Robert, you are such gracious hosts & have provided such a beautiful space for retreating in. The yurt enfolded me with comfort, the food nurtured my body, and the wonderful conversations uplifted my spirit and hope. The peace pole added another opportunity of intention setting for the earth. It was all a moment in time that will remain within me and I would be delighted to return again some day. Peace be with you" - Marg

"Robert and Sherry - Thank you for your generous gifts of conversation, exploring wisdom, and listening with an open heart. Your Hearth bestows welcome and safe refuge. May your hearth always be warm and your spirits fine." Norm


"Thank you so much for such a special experience. I am amazed how spirit works- and this whole week was very magical & inspiring. I felt so loved and nurtured by both of you. The food was beyond expectation - the yurt was a peaceful haven- so much more to say - but I will keep it simple by saying "THANK YOU"  "    Vivianne

"When we arrived I here I had no expectations, except to be in a quiet place and rest. I was delightfully surprised at the depth of communication that happened between us, and so quickly. Little did I know that I would take a large step on my "journey home" It has been wonderful to share the deep soul conversations with you Robert and with you Sherry & and the mid-morning happenings between us as a couple. A wonderful surprise that I am grateful took place - I am so grateful for the validation of my soul that I received. You both are wonderful teachers and soul mates. May our conversation continue and may Spirit help us to take the next action in our lives. Vivianne and I have been brought closer through the sharing of the week. i will continue to meditate upon and be nurtured by the ritual we created. I am also so grateful for the unity of my inner child in my inner heart and for being enabled to now experience the joy of creating, peacefully and playfully. There is so much more to express but I will let this suffice for now" - Peace and Blessing Normand

"​Sherry Robert, Spitfire, Pete and kitten clan - Staying here has been a most magical experience - sleeping inside the beautiful yurt, listening to the sounds of rolling thunder & chirping crickets. I will never forget my lovely stay here." Misty

"Finding a treasure as wonderful as this place and your company happens so rarely, that our arrival here on the rise of the blue moon is so appropriate. Lots of love and keep smiling." Michel

​Greetings from Kenora

"Robert and Sherry Thank you for guiding us on our journey of creativity and personal growth. For feeding our minds & bodies with good food and great conversations. Our time here has surpassed our expectations and we look forward to returning to explore another day." Sincerely Laurie
"Robert and Sherry, Thank you for your kindness and sharing. I had a nice calm & "lack of responsibility" weekend." Wendy​


"​Sherry and Robert- Deb and I came out not knowing what to expect, by the end of the retreat we had gotten so much more the would ever have expected. Thank you two so very much." Sid



Enjoy what some of our guests have said about Journey Home. 


"Thank you for helping me to "let go and breathe" as well as for allowing me to fill my soul and make my heart sing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful yurts, home and land with me. I will take a piece of the river and beautiful oak tree with me forever... Most of all thank you for being part of the journey back to me." Be well, Laurie





"Thank you so much for sharing your home, your stories, and this wonderful experience with me. it ws just the relaxing weekend I needed to get me back on track in my heart, mind, and creative process. It has been an absolute joy getting to know you both. With a grateful heart and a full belly,"    Katelyn

​"​I knew this would be the perfect place to bring my dearest friend & it was! thank you for your hospitality, and the warmth and good food. Had a great sleep in the yurt- it is wonderful. Will see you again."   Lauree

"​Thank you so much for everything Sherry and Robert! You really give your guests your "all". Thanks for all you do and for caring so much to help others. this has been a very relaxing and restorative stay. I love the yurt - so cozy and comfortable! Food, setting, weather, and all was perfect. You have a little bit of paradise here- don't ever forget that. I have no doubt that I will be back."    Siggi

Disconnect to reconnect



"What fortune we had to be given the opportunity to spend the weekend at your haven. Your hospitality, creative spirit and friendship will not be forgotten. I think what you are doing here is an example of how community should be. We'd all be better for it! P.S. thanks for the new soapstone carving obsession!" Jill​

​"Sherry and Robert. Thanks so much for opening your home, for sharing your stories and blessing us with your gifts of art and cooking, Sherry my pallet is so happy. Thank you Robert for plunking drums in my lap and gently helping guide me through the Spiritual process that comes when creating art. I am very happy with my final piece. Peace to you both." Chandra


March 2018

"Chef Sherry :p and Robert. Thanks so much for all the things you did for us. We'll come back here soon!!! I had the best sleep ever. The place is so peaceful. No cars honking. Even the sky is so beautiful at night. See you again soon!! This is the most relaxing weekend I have ever had! Best food, beautiful scenery, lovely cats and plants, awesome art."  Happy Easter Ellen

"Sherry & Robert. This was my first time to sleep in a yurt and it was awesome and a wonderful feeling. that's why I overslept. Thanks for sharing your time & hospitality. Looking forward for a trip here again." Happy Easter! Michael

"Thank you for the wonderful hospitality during our stay! The boys were lovely and handsome dogs, and the cats were pretty cute. :)" Cathrese

"And best of all amazing hosts! Thank you for everything!!" Carla